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If you've ever read this blog ever, then you'll probably know that I am a big fan of reading. Be it YA books, classics, magazines or blogs, I've been an avid reader ever since I was a little child. There's just something about getting lost in a book that just makes me feel content. I think my love for reading also inspired my love for writing, hence why I made a blog. But anyway, I'm so so lucky to have wonderful friends with the same interests as me. This post in particular is centered around a gift that my friend Katie got me for my birthday. Katie is one of my super close friends (though sadly we seem to be drifting since she moved schools :( ) and she's as into books as me, if not more. We're always swapping books and talking about the ones we love, going to see the films etc. So for my birthday this year, she bought me this literary listography thing, which is such a cool idea.

Recently, it's been kinda sad, but I've stopped reading so much. I had so much going on in the summer, I just couldn't find the time, and now, since school has started and I've started my A Levels, I have literally no free time, and that time that I do have, I would prefer to be going out with my friends, in all honesty. Evenings are a good time to read, I know, but I'm finding myself too tired these days. I really need to start going to be earlier. But it's so hard!!!!

This listography has made me really want to start reading again! I really want to fill it up, it's so cute. Every book I read, I'm gonna find a place in this book to put it in, and I'll keep you guys updated!! It'll be kinda like one of those Project Life things, but not quite. Doesn't require so much effort. I'm lazy, I think you all know that by now.

And, what I love the most is that for each list, it comes with a recommendation, so if I ever find myself without a book to read (unlikely) then I can look in here at one of the books, depending on what mood I'm feeling in. It's great!!! I am so excited to start this, I might even read a bit tonight, before I go to bed.

What do you think of this? Have you ever seen one like it before?

Eden xx

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  1. This is really cool! I've never seen anything like this. It's like Goodreads in real life. I definitely want to check this out :-)



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