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 If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may well remember me posting about a custom phone case I recieved, from mrnutcase.com. Well, recently. that very same company came out with a new range, and obviously, I had to get one. But this time, as you can see, it's twice as personal, and I don't have those horrific yellow nails (what a disaster, who let me do that???)

For my birthday, I got an iPhone 6, which I'm obsessed with. I had an iPhone 4 before, but let me just say, the 6 is so much faster and better. Thing is though, they're very fragile, as with most phones. So I needed a case that was cute, but would also protect my phone. That's where Mr Nutcase comes in. They offer a massive range of phone cases, that you can personalise. What could be better than a phone case with a picture of myself on it??? Nothing. Honestly, I love custom things, you know when you get to put your own photos on something, it just feels so much more fun, do you agree? Or is it just me? How could I say no??

Anyway, I'm in love with my new custom phone case. It's sturdy, and its got me on it. Wheat more would you want?  The delivery was so quick, and the quality of the photo is actually amazing, I'm very impressed. Also, I'm obsessed with the picture I chose. Me, my sister and my cousin spend our whole trip around Paris taking pictures like these, and it was hilarious. Gotta have some fun sometimes eh?

The site also do personalised mugs, pocket mirrors, and laptop cases,and if you don't have a super cute photo in mind to put on yours, they have a team of artists that came up with a few designs that you could put on, so you could still have a unique case. 
Order your case from mrnutcase.com I definitely recommend it!

Anyway, because I'm obsessed with phone cases, where do you get yours from?

Eden xx

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*I recieved this phone case free of charge from Mr Nutcase in exchange for an honest review

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